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Behavioural Optometrists


Behavioural Optometrists have the same qualifications as all other optometrists registered in Australia. They do all the things that optometrists do with adult and children's eyes, but extend eye care to a total approach to vision.


They usually also have additional qualifications such as Fellow of The Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry (ACBO), The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), or may have completed post-graduate university course in Australia and overseas.  


ACBO members have an obligation to attend Continuing Professional Development events specific to Behavioural Optometry, in addition to that required to maintain their registration as optometrists. 

Special Interests


Binocular vision

Vision and learning

Vision performance

Vision rehabilitation

Vision and Head Injuries

Visual Disturbances

Sports Vision

Australia - Doctor of Optometry, Bachelor of Science (Optometry)

UK - Doctor of Optometry, Bachelor of Science, Masters Degree

USA - Doctor of Optometry

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New Zealand

Optometrists Registration 


All behavioural optometrists, including those in Australia are Registered with the relevant professional Registration Board.


In Australia optometrists are required by law to be Registered with the Allied Heath Professionals Registration Authority and are governed by the Optometry Board of Australia.

In other places like the USA and the UK optometrists practising behavioural optometry are also trained and qualified to practice in exactly the same way. 

There are other health professionals who are not optometrists, who offer elements of behavioural optometry related practice but do not have the same training and qualifications, and may not be registered with Government Authorities. With a Registered ACBO Member Optometrist you are sure of what you are getting in expertise and service. 

Education and Regulation

In Australia and New Zealand the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists allows its Members who have completed specified post-graduate studies to refer to themselves as Behavioural Optometrists and Members of the College.

College Members must hold the required university qualification and Registration to practice as an optometrist, and in addition they must complete a basic training program in the subject of behavioral optometry.

  • Members must be registered practicing Optometrists

  • On joining, new members must agree to comply with ACBO's Code of Ethics

  • New members must complete the Every Patient Every Day online program to become a FULL ACBO member

  • Members must attain 20 hours of Behavioural Optometry education over 2 years to maintain their membership.  Random selective audits will be conducted

Fellows of the College are the most experienced and qualified optometrists. They have completed the fellowship examination process, which takes 3 years. They must pass a rigorous assessment program to achieve Fellowship to the College. Evaluation includes comprehensive written, oral and clinical examinations and the writing of a literature review. Fellows must also undertake 30 hours of additional continuing education each year to maintain their Fellowship accreditation, and must regularly submit papers for publication.

Fellows are also expected top be active in research, education, and supporting their professional peers.

Behavioural Optometrist Qualifications
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